ISO 10002:2018

ISO 10002:2018

Today, the widespread use of global trade and the increase of similar organizations have caused the competition conditions to become more severe. This situation made the customer concept, which is the most important reason for the existence of organizations, even more important. For organizations, there is no luxury left to be indifferent to the expectations and complaints of our customers. Changing customer expectations from person to person makes it difficult to control this situation and requires a systematic approach. Trying to meet customer expectations with traditional methods is not enough today anymore. Due to the increase in customer expectations and the gradually decreasing market share, organizations have started to have difficulties in establishing and managing customer satisfaction processes.
Studies on handling customer complaints within a systematic framework started with CRM (Customer Relations Management) studies in the early 1990s in the world. In 2004, ISO (International Standardization of Organization) published the ISO 10002 standard in 2004 and in 2006 it entered into force as TS ISO 10002: 2006 in our country.ıt was revısed and updated ın 2018

WHY TS ISO 10002?

It is at least four times more costly for an organization to retain existing customers than acquire new customers. It takes great effort and cost for organizations that lose customers to compensate for these losses and regain their reputation. In order not to be exposed to these situations, we need to manage our system with a preventive approach, which is the common approach of every management system.

For this reason, ISO 10002;

• Guides organizations on how to behave in cases of customer complaints.
• Guides organizations as to whether we need to “apologize” after an incident with a client or whether we should plan a larger action, including compensation to compensate.
• It ensures that problems with the customer are handled in the most fair way.
• Learning from complaints ensures that areas open to improvement are identified.

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