DD.08 General Disclosure Text

DD.08 General Disclosure Text

Information on the Law on Protection of Personal Data

As IQM International Certification Training and Surveillance Services Ltd. (COMPANY), we would like to inform you about your personal data in accordance with the "Law on Protection of Personal Data No. 6698" (KVKK), which was prepared for the protection of fundamental rights and freedoms, especially the privacy of private life. .
Your personal data is processed for the period specified in the relevant legislation within the framework of the method, basis, purpose and conditions stated below or necessary for the purpose for which they are processed and all necessary administrative and technical measures are taken by our company.

1. Data Responsible and Representative:

IQM International Certification Training and Surveillance Services Co.Ltd is the “data officer” for your personal data received on behalf of our company by our Head Office Location, affiliated units and suppliers, business partners, officers.

2.Personal Data Collection Method:

Your personal data, our Company's Head Office (Istanbul), Human Resources, Finance, Financial Affairs, Sales, Marketing and Corporate Communications, Certification service delivery, website, social media accounts, parties that have received services that are complementary or extension of our company's activities, contracted organizations, business partners can be gathered in automatic, non-automated ways, written, verbally or electronically via suppliers and lower or upper carriers and other similar channels.

Legal Reasons and Processing Purposes of Collecting Personal Data:

By the COMPANY, such as identity information, contact information, customer information, customer transaction information, transaction security information, financial information, legal transaction and compliance information, and marketing sales information from parties such as customers, employees, potential customers, candidates, business partners and suppliers. Personal data can be collected in categories.

3.1.Customer and Dealer Data:

There are various legislative provisions, including special Laws that regulate the Certification Sector in which we operate in order to collect personal data of our customers.
As a result of the Agreement regarding these services:
Legal person's full title, VKN or MERSIS number, full address, phone number, as well as the official of the legal person is the real person; name-surname, TC ID number, full address, phone number

3.2Guest Data:

Internet access can be provided to our demanding visitors during your stay in our Buildings and Facilities by our company. In this case, the log records related to your internet access are recorded according to the provisions of the Law No. 5651 and the supervisory provisions of this legislation; These records are processed only to be requested by authorized public institutions and organizations or to fulfill our legal obligations in the audit processes to be carried out within the Company.

3.3. Party and Supplier Data Taken in the Scope of Commercial Business Relations:

Our company's purchase of goods and services with third parties, Certification Service Marketing and Sales, etc. Name-surname of the parties (representatives / staff) and concerned parties within the scope of commercial business relationship, T.R. Necessary professional information such as identification number, identity document, signature circular, contact information, title / division of labor, qualification certificate, vocational chamber information, and plate no. information, account no. Financial information such as the contract can be obtained for the purpose of negotiation, establishment, performance and proof. Since the type of business relationship may differ from person to person, all the information given above will not be available to every real person and will vary depending on the nature of the job.

3.4. For what purpose the Personal Data will be processed:
Fulfilling our legal obligations arising from the legislation,
To be able to offer company products and services to you, to fulfill our obligations to you, to organize records and documents, to comply with information retention, reporting, information, tax and other obligations stipulated by local and international legal legislation,
Fulfillment, execution, performance, proof and development of transactions regarding our obligations, reporting to customers, fulfilling the requirements of contracts you have concluded and / or concluded; statistics, customer satisfaction studies,
Ensuring information security, developing commercial and business strategies, analyzing the services provided, compliance with domestic and international legislation;
To communicate with you in order to transfer the necessary information regarding the information processing requirements, system structure, the necessity of the information support services received, and these services and products,
Measuring and increasing customer satisfaction, complaint management, receiving your opinions and suggestions about new services and products, receiving your problem-error notifications, informing you about products and services, complaints and requests,
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