Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What Is Quality?
Quality is all the characteristics of a product or service based on its ability to meet needs. Quality is the ability to perform the desired functions under the specified conditions and within a specified period of time. The quality is in compliance with acceptable customer requests. Customer requests include not only the quality of the product but also the service laid down when presenting the product. Although the fulfillment of the technical specifications determined by the product is not sufficient alone, it constitutes the actual result that is expected to meet the acceptable demands requested by the customer.

What Is A Quality Management System?
Total Quality Management is the management system required for the management and control of an organization in terms of Total Quality Management criteria. With this system to be established and continuously implemented, it is aimed to meet internal and external expectations and to ensure continuous improvement.

What Is Total Quality Management?
Total Quality Management (TQM) is defined as the continuous improvement of all activities in an organization and achieving profitability by satisfying employees, customers and the community with the definite-active participation of all employees in the organization.

What is ISO?
ISO (International Organization for Standardization) is an international standards organization founded in 1947 that makes contributions to Industry, Commerce and consumers as a result of its standardization efforts.

What's the most?
EN (Europeane Norm) is an acronym for European standards. It was created to ensure harmonisation among most European Union standards.

What Is Standardization?
It is the process of establishing and enforcing certain rules with the contribution and cooperation of all interested parties in order to benefit economically from a particular activity.

What Is Certification?
A laboratory service, inspection is the activity of determining by a third party (independent) institution or organization in writing that the product, system or personnel are in compliance with a certain standard or technical regulation.

What Does Accreditation Provide?
The relevant national and international regulations do not require laboratories, inspection and certification bodies to be accredited. Accreditation is entirely voluntary. Accreditation can be made by a national or internationally recognized accreditation body.
Laboratories, inspection bodies and certification bodies; programme of the European accreditation cooperation (EA), a member of the national accreditation body (TURKAK E.g.) or another regional accrediting organization that had a mutual recognition agreement (e.g. Jas-ANZ, UKAS) accredited certification bodies that are given by the documents, and applies in the international arena is accepted.
The relevant national and international regulations do not require laboratories, inspection and certification bodies to be accredited. Accreditation is entirely voluntary. Accreditation can be made by a national or internationally recognized accreditation body. Laboratories, inspection and certification bodies; If it is accredited by a national accreditation body (e.g. TURKAK) or another regional accreditation body (e.g. JAS-ANZ, UKAS) which is a member of the European accreditation Cooperation Programme (EA), the certificates issued by these certification bodies are valid and accepted internationally.

What is ISO 9001?
It is a set of standards published by ISO (International Organization for Standardization) that guides organizations in establishing and developing a process-oriented quality management system to improve customer satisfaction.

How long is the ISO 9001:2008 certificate issued?
In common practice, the document is valid for 3 years and 3. at the end of the year, your document is renewed if it is found appropriate. However, if, as a result of follow-up audits, it is determined that the organization has not fulfilled its responsibilities related to the execution of the system, the decision may be made to cancel the document or to suspend the document.

What Is Accreditation?
Accreditation is the evaluation of laboratories, inspection and certification bodies according to national and international accepted technical criteria, the approval of their competence and the inspection of them at regular intervals.

What Is A Follow-Up Audit? At What Intervals Are The Inspections Carried Out?
Follow-up inspections (supervision audits) are carried out at least 1 time per year according to the state of the organization in the following 3 years after the document is received. When required (nonconformities are detected) other than these inspections 4?Follow-up inspections can be repeated in 6-month periods.

Who Is The Representative Of The Administration?
ISO 9000 Quality Management System is established within the organization, development and continuity of the management of the personnel assigned to carry out the work.

How Do We Create The System Documentation?
System documentation for the system certification intended by the organization may be created by employees within the organization or with assistance from outside expert consultants, taking into account the relevant standard and legal requirements. Whether the work is carried out by employees from within the organization or with the support of consultants from outside the organization, it is important for the effectiveness of the work to have the necessary training and competence of the personnel involved in the study.

What Training Should We Take?
It is important for the organization to receive trainings such as basic training, documentation training, in-house auditor training from trainers who are experts in the field. In addition to this, the organization may need further training in the establishment of a system. What is happening and planning of these trainings varies according to the system that the organization wants to have and the competence of the organization's personnel in relation to the relevant system.

Are internal auditors required to be certified?
Internal auditors are required to have sufficient training to carry out internal audits. Proficient in training organized by external organizations, attend training and certified by the internal auditor or the organization's own internal auditors, auditor training and qualification training in the organization and create rules accordingly can be performed.

Internal Audit (Internal Audit) What Is It? What Periods Should Be Performed?
It is the examination carried out in accordance with the relevant standard, which measures the effectiveness of the system within the organization and ensures that the necessary measures are taken. The purpose of internal audit is to objectively identify the weak and to be developed aspects of the organization, to predict the problems that may occur and to seize opportunities for the development of the system. The audit period may decrease and increase in line with the criticality of the unit/department/activity to be audited in terms of product/service quality and the degree of problems experienced in the previous periods. However, it is useful to inspect at least once a year in order to observe the consistency of even a smooth activity. Audits should be carried out objectively by auditors independent of the audited Department and qualified.

What Is Customer Focus?
Customer focus is the philosophy of bringing the customer to the fore in the functions of any company.

What Is Continuous Development?
Japanese?da KAI means change; ZEN means good, better. Kaizen also means attainment of better in this way, improvement or continuous improvement in the general sense of usage. That word is Japan?more than continuous improvement ?the desire for continuous improvement? it is used in the form of.
Continuous development, based on the Japanese Kaizen philosophy, focuses organizations on the goal of continuously increasing the efficiency of processes in order to realize their goals and policies. The basic logic of continuous development, ?being content with good is the biggest obstacle to achieving better? it can be explained by his word. Continuous development meets the increasing needs and expectations of customers and guarantees dynamic evaluation of the Quality Management System.

What Is The Process?
Each activity or operation that provides added value for the organization, which takes inputs and converts them into meaningful output, and which has reproducibility and scalability, is called a process. The output of one process usually affects the system as the input of the next process.

What Is The Process Approach?
Processes within the organization determination of processes together with the implementation and interactions of this system, is called “process approach”. In other words, systematic identification and management of processes in the organization. ISO 9001: 2008 standard is based on the process approach.

What Is Quality Policy?
It is a commitment officially expressed by the management of an organization, in which all quality-related objectives and management are reflected.

Is It Necessary To Know The Quality Policy Of All Employees Within The Organization?
Quality policy can be likened to the Constitution of the organization. It is necessary to know the quality policy and the duties, authorities and responsibilities that directly affect the quality of the employees, especially the management staff responsible for the implementation of the policy, in order to carry out the work effectively.

What Is The Quality Manual?
It is a type of document in which the introductory basic information of the organization, the basic commitments to its customers, the basic information about the quality system, the scope of certification and exclusions are presented. The quality manual, in which the basic processes and interactions which are required for the quality management system and which need to be defined specifically for the organization, should be prepared at the highest level in the document system and should provide guidance to the studies.

What Is The Procedure? 

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